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AMR Solutions for Renewable Metering

At Decmetrics we specialise in providing the latest generation of electric smart meters and automatic meter reading for the renewable energy sector.  With the OpenMetrics web portal, users can manage their meter readings and analyse data collected automatically from generation meters, export meters or conventional billing meters.  Our user-friendly web portal provides an easy way to keep track of metering assets, as well as having unique features for monitoring the performance of solar photovoltaic power plants.


Commercial and large-scale metering

We offer a range of three phase meters for monitoring on the Openmetrics web service.  All meters can be purchased from the store along with current transformers, GPRS modules and other components.

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Emlite dec power_square

Domestic and single phase metering

The Emlite single phase meter is the most popular single phase GPRS meter used for MCS feed-in-tariff metering in the UK.  All our meters come with an activated network roaming SIM card and can be purchased from the store.

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 OpenMetrics Web Portal

The Openmetrics web portal provides a user-friendly way of managing meter readings and analysing data collected automatically from GSM smart meters.

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Automatic Meter Reading

OpenMetrics® Monitoring

OpenMetrics® is an online service for managing meter readings collected automatically from smart meters. The user-friendly web service can visualize energy import and export, or energy generation from solar photovoltaic, wind, CHP or other renewable energy sources.  OpenMetrics has unique features for analysing solar energy generation by comparing actual meter readings against PVGIS Climate SAF databases to indicate the current performance as a percentage.

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