Prepayment coin meter from Emlite

Emlite Prepayment Coin Meter

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Emlite Coin Prepayment and Timer Meter

The Em-lite coin prepayment meter provides a compact and easy to use solution for many prepaid coin meter applications. This is ideal for landlords, housing associations, holiday lets and caravan parts requiring an easy to use and compact prepayment coin meter.

Credit can be topped up by sliding a coin into the coin slot for add more kWh units or more hourly units, depending which mode the meter is in (prepay or timer mode).

Download data sheet for Emlite coin meter

2 Coin Types Accepted

The meter can be programmed to accept 2 coin types or tokens.  Default mode is pounds or Euros.


  • Accuracy
  • kWh Class 1 or Class 2
  • kvarh Class 2 or Class 3
  • Comprehensive tariff structure
  • Large digit (9.8 mm register digits) Liquid Crystal Display
  • IEC 62056-21 (formerly IEC 61107) optical communications port
  • Internal clock and calendar with battery back-up
  • 15 years product life
  • Comprehensive security data
  • Compact design
  • DIN (BS) double insulated, glass filled polycarbonate case
  • IP53 in accordance with IEC 60529 : 1989