ASLH308 Setup Guide

//ASLH308 Setup Guide
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How to install the ASLH308 communications module to the Elster A1140

The ASLH308 GPRS modem comes with an activated network roaming SIM card in the SIM slot.  The unit is powered direct from the meter and designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Preparing the modem

1.  Start by connecting the two fly leads into each other.  This bridges the modem to the internal antenna.

aslh308 fly leads

If using an external antenna, connect the female socket to the plug on the external antenna.  Leave the male plug disconnected as it is not required.

Connect the module to the meter

SmASLH308Install12.  Remove the external terminal cover.

3.  The RJ12 socket is located under the terminal block of the meter on the right hand side.  Insert the modem plug until a click confirms it is secured in place.   The meter provides power to the module through this connection.





 Secure module into place


4.  The modem has tabs on either side that slot into the recessed areas on either side of the terminal block.  This holds the modem securely in place.

Reattach the external terminal cover when finished.


Check the GSM signal

5.  The LED status indicators will start flashing after the module is powered up.  After 2-3 minutes the module will connect to an available network and update the GSM signal quality on the display which will show every 10 seconds.  The GSM signal should be 14 or higher to ensure reliable communications to Openmetrics.  Use a booster antenna to ensure the signal quality meets this threshold.

 LED Status Indicators

Red – Network registration status
Short blink every 4 seconds   => registered with GSM network  🙂
Short blink every seconds       => not registered on GSM network  🙁

Green – mode of operation
Very rapid flashing     ->  In GPRS mode (normal operation)
Alternating between rapid and slow flash    ->  Autoregistration installer mode
Steady flashing    -> CSD call in progress
Slow flash every seconds    ->  CSD modem, no call in progress

Amber – Signal quality
The more the amber led is on then the better the signal quality.