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GSM and Wi-Fi Smart Meter System Operator

At Decmetrics we specialise in providing the latest generation of electric smart meters and automatic meter reading for the renewable energy sector.  Using the online web portal users can manage meter readings and analyse data collected automatically from generation meters, export meters or conventional billing meters.  The user friendly interface provides an simple solution to keep track of large scale metering assets, as well as having unique features for monitoring the performance of solar photovoltaic power plants for smaller asset managers and end-users.

Openmetrics Features

The online web portal is for remote monitoring of readings collected from solar generation meters, export meters, billing and prepayment meters.

  • Automatic meter readings collected by WiFi and GPRS

  • Low cost data collection service

  • Email alerts and notifications

  • Monitoring for energy consumption, export and generation

  • Half-hour profiling for in-depth analytics

  • Long term analysis with weekly, monthly and yearly charts

  • Compatible with most meter manufacturers

  • Charting for dual element meters

  • Integration with Good Energy FIT submissions

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Decmetrics have been providing smart meters and remote monitoring services for since 2011.  We have created a robust, reliable and user-friendly meter reading service to catering to the needs of large scale asset managers.  Our clients range from large energy suppliers to small independent electricians.


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