Emlite wifi smart meter for automatic meter reading

WiFi Smart Meter

£118.80 Inc.VAT (£99.00 £99.00 ex.VAT ex. VAT)

  • Real time meter readings
  • MID and MCS approval
  • Twin element and single element version
  • iOS and Android free setup app
  • Low cost data collection service

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The WiFi Smart Meter is a single phase electric meter with WiFi communications module for real-time meter readings

Download a datasheet      |       Download the setup guide


  • MID approved electric meter with Wi-Fi communications module
  • Free iOS and Android app setup tool
  • Automatic meter readings on Openmetrics web portal
  • 15 minute profiling for near real-time monitoring
  • High accuracy electric smart meter
  • Single and twin-element version
  • Retrofit module only option

Openmetrics Online Meter Reading Service

First Year

£ 0.00

Year 1
  • First year monitoring free of charge
  • Applies to first order

Next YearNo obligation

£ 9.00

Year 2
  • Billed on anniversary of start date
  • Price guaranteed

EMA1.az Single Element, EMC1.w Twin Element, Wifi Communications Module

Buying Options

The WiFi Smart Meter can be purchased as a complete ready-to-install meter or as the module only:-

  1. Wifi Smart Meter – single phase single element max 100A
  2. Wifi Smart Meter Twin Elements – single phase dual measuring elements 100A
  3. Wifi Module Only (no base meter) - for retrofit to existing Emlite meters

Twin Element Version

The twin-element version of the WiFi Smart Meter has 2 independent measuring terminals for monitoring solar energy generation and net import and export to the grid.  With this meter you can see how much of the solar energy is actually being utilised, and how much surplus energy is being exported to the grid.  By knowing how much energy is being used in real-time you can take actions to fully utilise all available energy generation and minimise how much energy is being purchase from the grid.