ASLH308 GPRS Modem for Elster A1140

//ASLH308 GPRS Modem for Elster A1140

ASLH308 GPRS Modem for Elster A1140

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Features Include:

  • GPRS communications module for the Elster A1140 Three Phase Meter
  • Module connects to RJ12 connector hidden under terminal cover
  • Inbuilt antenna and optional external antenna connection
  • Network roaming SIM card included
  • OpenMetrics web portal compatible
  • AutoRegistration installer service

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✓  GSM/GPRS Communications Module for Elster Three Phase Meter

The ASLH308 is a GPRS communications module for enabling automatic meter reading for Elster A1140 three phase meters.  The ASLH308 is an established and well proven telemetry module which can be programmed to operate in GSM, GPRS or SMS mode. The module connects to the meter’s RJ12 socket located under the terminal cover which provides power and communications interface to the meter readings.

✓  TCP/IP Communications Link

When in GPRS mode the ASLH308 operates like a normal IP connection.  The module comes with a network roaming SIM card for multi-network utilization.  This creates a reliable communications link for automatic meter reading on the Openmetrics web portal.

✓  AutoRegistration Installer Service

Installers can use the AutoRegistration web service for checking new installations have connected to the network.  This gives installers confidence that the meter is ready to provide automatic meter readings.

✓  SMA connector for external aerials

The ASLH308 has an internal antenna which is bridged to the modem by connecting the two flying leads together.  An external antenna booster such as the Patch or SuperPatch can be connected to the SMA connection on the black fly lead to boost the signal quality to the meter.

✓  LEDs indicate communication mode

The 3 LEDs on the module indicate the network registration status, call status, and signal strength.  These are red, green and amber respectively.  More information on how to read the LEDs can be found in the installers guide.

More Features

  • Modem communication rates up to 9600bps
  • TCP/IP connectivity for AMR using low cost GPRS services
  • OpenMetrics compatible for daily/half-hour meter reading
  • Industry standard RJ12 plug interface via fly lead
  • Host powered – does not need its own power source
  • Local or remote antenna
  • RS485 multi-drop
  • Configuration of the meter can be done with Elster Power Master Unit (Elster PMU) software
  • Works with network roaming M2M SIMs

 Download the Setup Guide for connecting the Elster A1140 meter