Emlite EMA1 Single Phase GPRS Smart Meter

///Emlite EMA1 Single Phase GPRS Smart Meter

Emlite EMA1 Single Phase GPRS Smart Meter

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Complete kit contains:

  • Domestic Smart Meter (MID approved)
  • GSM module and network roaming SIM for remote monitoring
  • Low cost data collections service ideal for solar systems or sub-metering
  • Easy installation and setup

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Emlite EMA1 Single Phase GPRS Smart Meter

The EMA1 is a single phase electric meter with GPRS communications for remote monitoring.  The meter comes with a network roaming SIM card and integrated GSM module for sending readings to the Openmetrics web portal where users can keep track of energy consumption or generation when used on a solar system.

Download Data Sheet     |    Installers Guide


  • Integrated GPRS communications module and antenna for automatic meter reading on Openmetrics
  • Global network roaming SIM card included
  • Day plus 1 meter readings with half-hour profiling
  • MID approved single phase meter
  • Low cost data collection service

Openmetrics Monitoring

The Openmetrics web portal provides a simple and convenient solution for managing meter readings collected automatically from Elster A1140 smart meters.  For solar PV systems Openmetrics will indicate system performance by comparing actual meter readings to predicted yields to help identify under performing power plants. Other features include tracking feed-in-tariff earnings, export to CSV, automatic email notifications, sub-user accounts, publicly viewable meters, geographic overlay and other tools making it easy to manage large asset portfolios.

Overview of meter reading service

  • Day+1 meter reading service
  • Half-hour interval profiling
  • Import & export kWh readings
  • MCS accredited FIT readings