Automating FIT submissions to Good Energy

//Automating FIT submissions to Good Energy

Automating FIT submissions to Good Energy

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]We are working with Good Energy to automate FiT submissions for our customers who currently use Openmetrics for automatic meter readings.  Openmetrics will send meter readings directly to Good Energy at monthly intervals for claiming the feed in tariff.

This is an opt-in service, so please contact us to activate this feature for your account to start enjoying the benefits.

Benefits of automated FiT submissions to Good Energy

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  • Saving time and effort putting the reading submissions together to send to us
  • Eliminating human error and increasing the number of successful submissions
  • Increasing our load factor tolerance range, meaning far fewer reading failures
  • Ability to submit readings right at the end of the quarter, meaning you’ll be paid for a full calendar quarter and have less time to wait between submitting the reading and getting paid
  • We’ll take interim readings each month too, so that you’ll get an earlier and more regular warning if any sites were to fail our tolerance checks or are on hold for other reasons, giving you more time to fix any problems


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