How much is your solar PV system generating?

//How much is your solar PV system generating?

How much is your solar PV system generating?

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How much energy is being generated by your solar photovoltaic power plant?

This is essentially what everyone who owns a solar power plant wants and needs to know.  How much did it generate today?  What about yesterday? This month, this year, and since it was installed?  There are two ways of finding this out.   The old analogue way, and the smart way using a smart generation meter.

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  • Is the solar system generating as much as it should be?

  • If not, how much should it be generating this month?

  • What have been my earnings from FIT payments in the last quarter?

  • Is there a problem with my solar system?

[/fancy-ul][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_column_text]All these questions can be answered using meter readings collected automatically from a smart generation meter with the Openmetrics web service. Whats more, if your solar system ever does suffer a malfunction and turn off the meter will send an alert to notify you that something has gone wrong and it needs looking it.  This is one of the biggest benefits compared to a basic solar meter.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_text_separator title=”Contact Us” title_align=”separator_align_center”][contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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